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Toyota 4Runner front view Toyota 4Runner back view Toyota 4Runner interior Toyota 4Runner trunk Orange color roof top tent Yellow color roof top tent Roof top tent dimensions Additional outdoor tent
Passengers:  5
Transmission:  Automatic
Insured:  Yes
Fuel Consumption:  14L/100km
Fuel Type:  Gasoline
Air Conditioner:  Yes
Fuel Policy:  FULL/FULL
Wash Policy:  Washed/Washed
Steering:  Left
Tire Pressure:  2.3 bar
Toyota 4 Runner IV, 4X4, automatic gearbox, gasoline engine, engine volume 4.7 L with 271 horsepower, fuel consumption mixed 14 L/100 Km, fuel type: Petrol Premium 95. Fold Tent size: 222 x 135 x 18 cm, Inner size: 200 x 120 x 110 cm, Weight: 44.50 kg
3-4 days
5-9 days
10-19 days
Delivery / Drop Off
Old Tbilisi
Tbilisi Airport
Kutaisi & Kutaisi Airport
100 or 120
Batumi & Batumi Airport
130 or 150
Extra Equipment (daily)
WiFi Adapter
Child Seat
Air Mattress 1p/2p w pump
Outdoor tent, 2 persons
Snow Chains
Motorola Walkie Talkie
Additional Driver (2+)
Border Crossing Docs (once)
This car won't be available: (mm/dd/yy)
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The following equipment is included in the package:

Rooftent suitable for 2 adults including Ladder & bedsheet
Full sponge egg shape Mattress (7 cm thickness)
2 Sleeping bags + pillows
2 Foldable camping chairs
Cool box
Kitchen set (gas stove, bottle and lighter, cooking pans, kettle, plates, bowls, mugs, chopping board, set of cookware, thermos, foldable water jerrycan, table lamp)
LED headlight
Solar Shower
Insurance Terms
Insurance Terms
The driver should be 23 years old with 3 years of driving experience. THIRD-PARTY LIABILITY (TPL) and COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) insurance is included in the rental price. Franchise is $ 200. Insurance without deductible is not available in Georgia. Severe offroad driving is not insured. Tires are also not insured, you will have to purchase one by your own if it will get irrepairable damage. More information can be found on this page.
Pick Up and Drop Off
Pick up and Drop off
We will deliver this car within Old Tbilisi area for free, please check the map of free delivery here. Tbilisi airport delivery / drop off costs 30 USD, Kutaisi or Kutaisi airport delivery / drop off costs 100 USD from October till the end of April and 120 USD from May until the end of September. Batumi or Batumi airport delivery / drop off costs 130 USD from October till the end of April and 150 USD from May until the end of September. Please contact us to get a quote for custom drop off or delivery location.
You will need to provide a copy (picture of the document will be sufficient) of you passport or ID card and copies of your driving license front and back sides. Your driving license should have B category indicated (or have clear explanation in English of the vehicle type you are allowed to drive) and should prove 3 years of driving experience. Eligable driving licenses are: Israeli, European Union license, Russian, Ukrainian, most UAE licenses. Please contact us if you are not sure that your driving license is valid to drive in Georgia. You will have to get International Driving License if your local one doeasn't meet the requirements. Please note that International Driving License is not a separate document, generally it is a copy of your local DL rewritten according to International Standards, usually you can get it in your country within a day.
Border Crossing
Border Crossing
You can cross the border to Armenia and Azerbaijan with a rented vehicle, border crossing to other countries is not available. You will need special documents which cost 70 USD, you can order them choosing the appropriate option during booking. Please note that WiFi adapter provided with the vehicle works only on Georgian territory, the car is not insured against theft outside the country and in case of an accident you will have to deliver the vehicle to Georgian border by your own.
Prohibited roads
Prohibited roads
There are some roads which are prohibited (in poor condition and are unsafe to drive):

1. Ushguli-Tsana-Lentekhi (damaged and dangerous road)
2. Pshaveli-Omalo (damaged and dangerous road)
3. Ananuri-Shatili (damaged and dangerous road)
4. Vashlovani Nature Reserve (unpaved damaged road)
5. Road to Okatse Canyon (2.5 Km desending to the canyon)
6. Akhaltsikhe-Khulo-Batumi (under construction)
7. Bakuriani-Tabatskuri

See these roads marked on Google Maps
You can stop the vehicle for free on an ordinary parking but in case of per hour payment parking places which have it's own ID number you will need to use mobile application "Parking Tbilisi" to make the payment. Download App for Android or iPhone.